Saturday, May 7, 2011

Side Walk Concrete Installation

Side Walk Concrete

JBS Concrete specialized in sidewalk concrete installation and repair . We Use ready mix concrete of different PS . If you have a violation from nyc building department for you sidewalk concrete we will definably remove that by pulling a permit to work and then submit the documents to city so that they remove your violation after our job . Most of our jobs for concrete are completed in one day . We use heavy duty jack hammer to knock down the old concrete and use compactor to compact the ground for level . We also install heavy duty wire mesh . WE offer free estimate for concrete installation in NYC, Bronx, queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan area. Call us today at 3475835313 and get you concrete estimate free


JBS Concrete NYC

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  1. It is very good idea to get a concreted sidewalk. So I was also thinking to do it at my home and contacted to Builders Long Island who are best in the house maintaining services.